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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Auto Play with Online Slot Machines

Most online slots machines come with an auto play option. Players can use this feature to set a bet up and have the machine run through many games in a short period of time, while the players sit back and watch the money roll in. There are a few benefits and drawbacks to using auto play, though, and players should be aware of both before they engage the feature.

The Benefits of Using Auto Play

The auto play option is the easiest way for players to fit in as many games as possible within a short period of time. Because players stand to win more the more games they play, this can be a great feature. Players program in exactly how much money they are willing to spend and how much money they are hoping to win. As the game plays, players’ accounts will be debited and winnings will be deposited instantly until the game reaches either of the limitations the player set.

The Drawbacks of Using Auto Play

There are quite a few drawbacks to using auto play. First, for many players, the joy of playing slots is getting to see all of the exciting animations, anticipate the results, and enjoy the bonus features. With auto play, players get a much more diminished experience even as they win more money. Second, when players activate auto play, they are committing to a single bet limit for every spin during the auto play time. Players will only be able to increase or decrease those bets when the limits have been reached.

For some, auto play can be a great option for winning more money at online slots. For others, though, the feature defeats the whole point of playing.

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