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What Will Happen If Every Casino Game Has An RTP Of 99%?

Every Casino Game Has An RTP Of 99%

What happens if every game comes with a 99% RTP? How will it affect you and your gaming sessions? If you are curious to know more about them, stay hooked with us till the end.

Regular casino players may be familiar with RTP and how does it affect the payout and wagering requirements. Return To Player plays a crucial role, and unfortunately, many newbie players fail to understand it. If you are conscious about winning, then you must understand the concept of RTP and what happens if every top live casino Malaysia offers games with 99% RTP?

What Do You Mean By RTP?

Return To Player (RTP) refers to how much slot machines pay throughout their lifetime. RTP is one of the important reasons for the players to win big huge profits. Most of the slot games offer hefty percentages of RTP. However, games with 99% RTP is challenging to discover. Here are few games that provide high RTP:

Different games in an online casino offer different RTP. Players might look for the best RTP providing games, but it is challenging to discover such fun, and players might fail to keep track of these games. It would have been great if all the games had the highest RTP of 99% in such a scenario. However, what could have been the consequences?

High Stakes

Casinos might be a fun-loving space for several players, but they also look to provide players with profit-earning schemes for the management. If the RTP of all the games in online casinos is 99%, the minimum bet of each game will rise. The rise will be significant as a company has several experiences to bear, earning it through the player’s investment. Therefore, you can expect that the $1 bet has risen to $3 or more.

High Game Playing Speed

It is a universal fact that high RTP games also run for a short period. Moreover, the casinos cannot afford to have longer-duration games, especially when they can make money out of it. If a casino starts offering games with 99% RTP, they need to modify several gaming options to allow a faster duration of each category.

Several Games Would No More Exist

Since casinos look for profit above anything, they will certainly not run the games that could not offer them the required yield. What are the points that help a game to qualify as the most suitable casino game? The gambling categories offer either high house edge or fast-moving in operation. 

However, another option is to modify the slow-paced games to fast-moving varieties that offer high RTP.

Final Thoughts

Higher RTP games are not always essential. The high payout percentages are beneficial to gamblers. High RTP can affect traditional casinos. They might require cutting down the gaming fees, leading them to close their doors for players. Having games with fair RTP is not a bad option. It is justified for both players and casinos.

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