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Some Shady Betting Strategies That You Can Still Use

Shady Betting Strategies

Do you know that there are a few grey gambling strategies that you are still permitted to use? Read on to know such strategies are still applicable in online and offline casinos.

Gamblers often rely on strategies to maximize their winnings and get a better chance of winning the game. As per some people, many gamblers often resort to “All is fair in love and war” while playing the game.

For them, using a few grey tricks is not uncommon. Well, some gambling strategies are considered unethical. However, because these strategies involve cheating to a certain extent, these are not illegal. That means you can still use these strategies in some casino sites.

The Hole Carding Method

It is one of the most used shady tricks for blackjack or other card games. In casino games, especially poker or blackjack, often the dealers put a few cards face down and do not expose that before the game showdown. Such cards are called the hole card.

Many gamblers used mathematical skills and other procedures to know which cards were dealt as face-down hole cards.

This method does not use a mirroring device or touch the cards. But, many players in the past often used a confidante to check out the cards for them. If you know the cards, you are always at an advantage. Due to this fact, hole carding is not permitted in many casino sites.

Middling for Sports Betting

Middling is another shady trick in sports betting. Well, middling does not offer a considerable advantage. But, if you follow online casino sites like UFABET, you can get a few opportunities to win the game.

Middling refers to a betting strategy where a gambler places their bets on both teams of a sports match with different sequences.

Here, consider a football match between team A and Team B. One sports betting site offers the line of Team A+2.5 Team B, while the other site offers the line of Team A+3.5 Team B.

You place a bet on Team B in one site while you put the same bet on Team A in another sportsbook. It often helps you make up for your losses while gaining more opportunities to win the game.

Counting the cards

In many casinos, counting the cards in a blackjack game is unethical. Seasoned blackjack players got an edge over others by just counting the cards. During the dealing, the gamblers count the high-value and low-value cards. It allows them to deduce who has the advantage in the next round- the player or the dealer. After counting the cards, the gamblers bet more if they have a clear advantage. They can pass the round or change their bets if the dealer has the upper hand at a particular round.  


These tricks are not ethical as they offer a player advantage is a shady way. Some casinos can report you to the police if you use these strategies. You can learn about the tricks for entertaining yourself. But, please refrain from using these methods often to make a winning hand.

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