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Safety and Health Protocols at Casino Resorts to Limit the Risk of Infection

Health Protocols at Casino Resorts

Casino properties around the world are reopening and implementing social distancing protocols to ensure visitors’ safety.

As the coronavirus pandemic has been ongoing for over a year already, major casino resorts have implemented social distancing protocols and other measures to protect the health of their visitors. With international borders gradually reopening and airline carriers resuming operations, casino properties are also beginning to reopen with safety and health protocols in place. If you plan to travel to major resorts like Sun City or Marina Sands Bay, here is what you should know.

Sun City

The resort has implemented entry requirements such as completing a medical screening questionnaire and mandatory temperature checks. Visitors with a high risk of exposure, flu-like symptoms and temperature over 37.3 ° C are immediately isolated for further assessment. Guests who have booked a multiple day hotel stay undergo temperature checks when departing or returning to the property each day. All visitors are required to wear a disposable or cloth mask and keep distance of at least 1.5 meters at all times. Guests must also sanitize their hands before entering the resort’s vehicles and at check-in encounters and entrances. Where possible, casino staff such as security guards and porters will press lift buttons and open doors for guests.

In hotel rooms, all surfaces are disinfected, including kettles, remote controls, and phones. The bathrooms, furniture, and walls are also disinfected at checkout. Décor items, extra blankets, throws, and excess cushions have been removed to reduce surfaces. All rooms and suites have complimentary Wi-Fi so that guests stay current on news and play their favorite games, whether online poker, baccarat, sa game vip, or slots.

Marina Bay Sands

Venues that are open to all visitors include the hotel property, casino /for visitors over 21/, restaurants, and the Sands Theatre. All guests undergo mandatory temperature checks and are required to register with the government’s SafeEntry system. This is done for contact tracing. Everyone entering the casino needs to comply with social distancing protocols such as observing at least 1 meter apart and wearing of masks. The resort also aims to minimize physical interactions through contactless luggage and service delivery and contactless payment solutions. High-touch and high-traffic areas are frequently cleaned to minimize the risk of exposure. Only hospital-grade disinfectants are used for cleaning. Cleaning protocols at the hotel premises have been upgraded, and special attention is paid to high-touch surfaces such as temperature control panels, light switches, in-room control panels, telephones, and water faucet handles. The washing of linen is done at temperatures of 70 ° C while drop chutes, linen chute rooms, trolleys, and delivery trucks are carefully sanitized. To minimize the risk of infection at the pool, water samples are takes 4 times a day and backwash frequency and circulation cycles have been increased. PH levels and chlorine levels have also been raised.

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