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Predictable Bingo Roulette Betting

Roulette Strategies play a major role in online gaming around the world. As technology advances in areas that offer automated roulette wheels, many believe so does the opportunities for players to take advantage of the fact that automation leads to some form of patterns being generated.

One of the most targeted forms of gaming, when using a betting strategy is the new air powered roulette wheels.

Some of the larger online roulette websites, such as Smart Live Casino and Paddypower Casino offer these automated wheels around the clock, often alongside live tables, or in place of, during times where live games are not in operation.

The principle idea of playing against an air powered machine is the fact that these systems use predetermined computer programs. Most machines have only three spins speeds, which are randomly selected at the beginning of each game and the air pressure used to put the ball in play is fixed. When combining the knowledge that each spin will have the same air pressure, but one of three spin speeds, it is considered possible to predict to a certain degree of certainty an approximate area in which the ball will land at the end of the next spin. Players are first required to watch the target table and note the area of the wheel that wins after each spin and bet on the next spin accordingly.

The formula for this theory is a complicated one, but its essence is that after each spin the wheel will reset to one of three spin speeds. This generates three possible winning areas on the table that all offer 35-1 odds. Players should choose two of the three areas and bet accordingly, knowing in some degree that the payout will exceed the investment and allow for a small percentage of losing bets that may occur as a result of a random bounce.

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