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Stop believing in these stupid poker lies!

stupid poker lies

Do not worsen your game at pokergalaxy due to these lies. Read the worst practices recommended in the field of online poker and try not to repeat them again.

Did you ever meet a poker pro? What did he tell you as an advice? Were you satisfied with his recommendation? Ok, no matter who exactly you were talking about, there’s something essential about poker – don’t take anything for granted. We don’t say that all poker gurus are mean enough to give you false tips. On the contrary, we know hundreds of amazing poker pros who are super generous to provide free educations for beginners in the field.

However, poker has been always about deceiving, cheating, bluffing and lies. We cannot escape from these negative things if we play poker. No matter where you play the game – in a strictly secured ground casino or in the super trustworthy pokergalaxy website – there will be always liars in the game. And there are, unfortunately, absolute lies about poker we’ve been hearing every day. Check out some of them and please, for God Sake, do not believe in them anymore:

  1. Having a pocket king hand means raising immediately. If someone has given this tip for you sincerely, don’t bother, it means this is a not a very experienced player. But if this recommendation came from a person who’s kind of an expert in the field, forget about getting tricks and tactics from him. Pocket kings are good to be hold, but they are not always the most profitable combos to make a sudden raise.
  2. You should always play a tight poker game. As a whole, the conception of a poker winner is to play an aggressive and tight game. However, this is not an absolute rule. There are a lot of cases, when you should be better passive. There are also a lot of occasions when you don’t have to be tight. Just because something is recommended as a whole, it doesn’t mean you should stick to it as a robot. Actually, to be more correct about the best poker strategy, it’s not being tight in the aggressive game; it’s playing the hand in the most profitable way depending on the specific situation.
  3. To learn how to become better you should start playing against the best poker players at the table. Eventually, you will have to meet them, yes. And if you haven’t yet before, you will find some difficulties in defeating them. Though, it’s essential to start eliminating not the best, but the worst players at the table. This is how you actually gain experience gradually – starting from the easiest obstacles and moving progressively to the hardest.

These three lies have been going around the online poker industry for years. We don’t know if you have ever used any of these rules, but if you have, forget about each of them. It’s time to play some real and right poker.

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